What is Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)?

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) is designed to help adults with psychiatric disabilities increase their functioning so that they can be successful and satisfied in the environments of their choice with the least amount of ongoing professional intervention.

PSR focuses on skill and resource development related to life in the community and to increasing the participants ability to live as independently as possible, to manage their illness and their lives with as little professional intervention as possible, and to participate in community opportunities related to functional, social educational and vocational goals.

PSR based on the principles of recovery, including equipping 
individuals  with skills, emphasizing self-determination, using natural and community supports, providing individualized intervention, emphasizing employment, emphasizing the “ here and now”, providing early intervention, providing a caring environment, practicing dignity and respect, promoting consumer choice and involvement in the process, emphasizing functioning and support in real world environments, and allowing time for interventions to have an effect over the long term.

We strive to build a supportive, therapeutic relationship between our staff and the individual which addresses and or implements interventions outlined in the Person Centered Plan in any of the following skills development, educational, and pre-vocational activities:
a). social relationships.
b). personal care such as medication self-management and grooming.
c). prevocational activities which focus on the development of positive work habits and participation in activities that would increase the participant’s self worth, purpose and confidence; these activities are not to be job specific training.
d). use of leisure time.
e). education activities which include assisting the client in securing needed education services such as adult basic education and special interest courses.
f). community living, such as house keeping, shopping, cooking, use of transportation facilities, money management.


Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) helps individuals grow beyond the effects of mental illness and substance abuse. It is a recovery program designed to help individuals to recover from mental illness and substance abuse. Part of the recovery process is to build a quality of life which might be achieved through education, employment, volunteer opportunities, developing social interactions, participation in hobbies or pursuing the arts.

PSR supports a client to make changes in their values, goals, knowledge, skills, life roles, and self image. Due to these changes clients no longer see themselves as the diagnosis they were given but as the person they are and can live rich and rewarding lives